Interested in Leasing Land at Maricopa’s Industrial Park?

Used Car, Trailer Dealerships, Rental Car Center, Heavy Equipment Storage or Whatever Your Business Idea is

We want to help businesses grow in Maricopa. Whatever you can think of is on the table. The land is open for business!

Our idea at Maricopa’s Industrial Park on Highway 238 is a creative co-op property development business zone that is open to ideas.

Tom has envisioned bringing used or new car dealerships to the goldilocks zone of Maricopa. The economy is only going to grow in Maricopa and this is the perfect opportunity to start or grow your business in a thriving area.

Cost to Rent

Flexible Pricing Options

• $1500/month for 1 Acre Lot
• If you are looking for more than 1-acre lot please call Tom at 480-802-4444 to talk about leasing opportunities

Landscape, Nursery or Decorative Rock Company

We Have Landscaping Companies that Lease Property With Us

Having a decorative rock company would be perfect for the Landscape companies that are currently leasing property with us.

A nursery or decorative rock company would be the go-to source for our landscaping companies. Not only that, but Maricopa Residents would not have to drive all the way to Phoenix for plants or rock for their front and back yard.

Cost to Rent

Flexible Pricing Options

• $750/month for 90 x 150 lot

Storage Yard for Towing Company or Recycling Center

Used for Businesses Looking to Store Vehicles, Equipment or Whatever They Need the Land For

Dirt or Gravel lots that include security cameras and fencing around your lot. These storage areas can be used for Recycling Centers to store aluminum stockpiles as well as towing companies to store vehicles that have been impounded.

Cost to Rent

Flexible Pricing Options

• $1,000/month for 1 Acre Lot

Manufactured Home Builders

Home Builders like Champion Homes, Durango Homes, or anyone looking to capitalize on a growing economy

Maricopa is a growing city with plenty of people purchasing land and buying manufactured homes. The city is only going to grow. We are located in the goldilocks zone of the city. With the development of APEX motor club just down the street you can rest assure that retirement communities will be popping up in and around the city within the next few years.

Take advantage of this opportunity now before someone else does!

Cost to Rent

Flexible Pricing Options

• Call Tom 480-802-4444 to talk about leasing opportunities

Have a Business Interested In Renting a Lot?

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An Amazing Opportunity!
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We are located just 3-miles west of downtown Maricopa along the very busy Highway 238. We are in a goldilocks zone that is going to grow like crazy in just a few years. Here is a list of land development that is happening around us.

• Developed: Southern Dunes Golf Club located next door to the east of us
• Developing Now: APEX Motor Club located 1-mile west of us
• Future Development: A new highway from Vegas to Nogales and the off ramp to Maricopa will be located a few miles west of us
• Future Development: Business and single family homes to be built just east and south of us

Visit us at: 22111 N. White Rd. Maricopa 85139 or call Tom at: 480-802-4444

Businesses That are at Highway 238 Industrial Park