Investors are Needed in the City of Maricopa

According to the U.S. Census the state of Arizona is among the top 3 fastest growing states in America. The largest county in Arizona, Maricopa County, is the fastest growing county in the U.S. The Henry Herald has also named Maricopa County as one of the best counties in America to raise a family.

Just south of Maricopa County is the city of Maricopa, one of the fastest growing cities in Arizona. Maricopa continues to expand year after year despite the ever changing and volatile political and financial landscape.

“For the past 10-years we have been seeing double-digit growth year after year with an average increase of 9.2% per year. Historically, a ‘normal’ real estate market, with the ebbs and flows, has generally appreciated 4% per year, according to experts.” Writes Brian Petersheim of

Tom Buessing, Owner of Highway 238 Industrial Park

Tom Buessing, Owner of Highway 238 Industrial Park

“We are looking for investors to keep the city of Maricopa booming” says Tom Buessing, owner of Highway 238 Industrial Park. “I have been here since 1985 and have seen this city go from 1,000 people to almost 60,000.”

Tom leases out space to companies like Wallcon, a contractor used by homebuilders to provide PT foundation slabs, grading, paving and construction disposal. He also leases out land and office space to about a dozen businesses in the automotive, landscaping, air conditioning repair and towing industries.

Commercial Office Complex Maricopa

“I’m trying to find an investor for a 66-unit shipping container office complex composed of 137 containers. Commercial office space is in high demand in Maricopa.” Tom explains. “It will cost about $4-million to fully build everything out. We have some of the most prime real estate in Maricopa. We have an amazing view of the Estrella Mountains. We are looking for an investor, builder and manager. We have the enthusiasm, plans, artist renderings and builders, but I just need an investor to get it all going.”

Southern Dunes Golf Club in Maricopa

Photograph by Southern Dunes Golf Club

Just east of Highway 238 Industrial Park is Southern Dunes Golf Club, a golf course that has hosted numerous major tournaments and golf events since it opened in 2002 – less than 1-mile west of Highway 238 Industrial Park is Apex Motor Club an elite private motorsport country club and racetrack. These three businesses, Highway 238 Industrial Park, Southern Dunes Golf Club and Apex Motor Club are at the heart of future growth in Maricopa.

Currently, plans are being developed to connect Las Vegas and Nogales with new Interstate-11. Interstate 11 will pass through Buckeye Arizona, one of the fastest growing cities in America, and the city of Maricopa. In 2021, FHWA/ADOT will decided on whether to build Interstate 11. If they approve to build it, it will bring an unprecedented amount of new business, home development and money to the city of Maricopa.

The city of Maricopa has continued to grow despite setbacks from Covid19 and political tension that has swarmed America. This is due to a strong relationship between the city of Maricopa and Ak-Chin Indian Community. Mayor Christian Price and Ak-Chin Chairman Robert Miguel speak to each other at least twice a month on future developments between the two communities.

City of Maricopa and Ak-Chin Indian Community Relationship

Photograph by

“This is what people do who want to build a strong relationship moving forward for the next 150 years, or 200 or 1,000 years. That is what they do. They do this because it’s the right thing to do.” Mayor Christian Price said about his constant communication with the Ak-Chin Indian Community.

Future developments in the city of Maricopa include the building of La Quinta Hotel, hundreds of new homes, new residential communities, new businesses, and an Exceptional Emergency Center.

Just 30-minutes South East of Maricopa is the city of Casa Grande. Casa Grande is one of the fastest growing cities in America. Lucid Motors, one of the largest electric car manufacturing plants in America will be building their vehicles in Casa Grande. This is going to bring in more money to the city of Maricopa. Also, with the new USMCA and Brexit deal American auto manufacturing will increase economic activity for the entire country. There is also an auto glass company in Mesa, Quality Glass Service, LLC. heavily promoting and installing Made in America auto glass – especially Gorilla Glass that is made in Cornell, NY.

The future of the state of Arizona and the city of Maricopa is looking exceptional.

If you are an investor and are looking for a low-risk, high return on building much needed commercial office space in the goldilocks zone of Maricopa, call and speak with Tom Buessing with Highway 238 Industrial Park: 480-802-4444